Whiteboard explainer video �How to make a great one?

Whiteboard explainer video �How to make a great one?

Whiteboards videos are best for commercial use and to boost the brand or a product of a company, making them practical needs thoughtful planning.


Everybody loves whiteboard animation videos. They are not only easy to comprehend but also fun to watch for the people of all ages. They are cute, and the best thing about them is that they bring fabulous marketing outcomes for the organizations promoting their new and current brands. But why so many whiteboard explainer videos do not get the same results as some other ones? Why do they fail to impress the views and help organizations to maximize profits? The obvious answer is that there is a certain flaw in the making of these videos; let us see how to make a professional, high-quality whiteboard video that drives people crazy.

What It Takes to Bring Value to Video

A common mistakes people do is to not connect the drawings perfectly during the whiteboard video creation. This ingredient is so important that it hampers the affectivity of entire whiteboard and the continuous effect is lost in the way. The purpose of creating a video is to be engaging to the customer, if customers do not find it engaging, they discard it. They cannot conclude in front of their eyes, therefore making everything connecting and making great levels of anticipation is the key to success.

Therefore it is recommended not to create too many sections that need erasing or camera swaps; for the storyline to flow smoothly, connect one image with the other smoothly.

When the Hand is Gone

If there is no hand in a drawing, this becomes a major flaw. Just a black and white cartoon video does not appeal to customers; if you do not include hand, customers will not be charmed

Don’t Add Too Much Color

The days of creating traditional black and white video are gone, but that does not mean that you can add overwhelming colors to make it fussy. Use colors wisely and do not put them in random places. Put them at particular places to add value.

Make the Video Educational Rather Than Explanatory

If the educational approach is used rather than a traditional informational approach, the video has much more credibility and value. The whiteboards are useful methods to explain things in the business including commercials; they will always charm the audience if you provide a comprehensive educational approach.

Work Like a Pro

Always make a video like a professional, now that you know what is wrong with your video and how to fix it, create a fine professional whiteboard explainer video that uses a professional script structure and a well-written storyline. Just like the Hollywood films, it is important to focus on the script.

Address the Problems of Audience

You must address the problems that your audience has and present them a solution in your videos. How does your product effectively solve their problem and why they should prefer your brand over others?

Include animated characters

Adding animated characters to their whiteboard videos will make the videos stand out from the rest. The results will be more fruitful and dynamic.

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