Whiteboard animation: The 12 best whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation: The 12 best whiteboard Videos


When whiteboard animation burst onto the scene over ten years ago, most people thought it was a fad.

Whiteboard animations can used for a number of reasons: to introduce a product or service, to sell an idea, or even to teach customers how to use a software program. Some productions are mediocre, and others are absolutely astounding. Here are 12 of them that serve as perfect examples of how your business could use this type of video, and they’re really good!

  1. Adobe Echosign

This whiteboard animation from Adobe explains their EchoSign product in detail. It’s informative, and a great way to show customers how to use the program without them having to read through pages of web material.

  1. Elevations Credit Union

This classic whiteboard animation from Elevations Credit Union covers a topic that most people are far too familiar with; rising energy costs. It is a fun video that homeowners everywhere can relate to, and does a good job of relaying the information in a short period of time.

  1. Where Good Ideas Come From-Riverhead Books

Steven Johnson helps us to understand where good ideas come from in this informational whiteboard animation. It’s slightly longer than some of the others, yet interesting enough to hold your attention. A good example of how to produce a video that’s over 3three minutes long,  and still keep the viewers’ attention.

  1. The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

This video goes deep into the science of what motivates us. It’s a longer piece, but one that makes you think. It features a classic whiteboard animation with a killer script.

  1. Pad Mapper

Finding a new place to live doesn’t have to be a hassle. That’s the message portrayed here in this production by PadMapper.com. This animation is fun to watch, and is a prime example of how to introduce your business to the world.

  1. DC Home Buzz

DC Home Buzz delivers a targeted message to homebuyers with this high quality whiteboard animation. It features professional, crisp images and a a convincing script.

  1. Kitchen Sink Web Labs

Kitchen Sink Labs delivers a clear message in a short time frame. The animations flow well with the script, and it’s an ideal sales pitch whiteboard animation.

  1. Born to Learn

This is an interesting piece all about how we learn. It’s well produced, and the script undoubtedly makes you think. With over 500,000 views, we’re not the only ones who enjoyed it.

  1. Ultracomm

Payment card compliance is definitely not an alluring subject to most people, yet this video manages to hold your attention long enough to understand the subject. It explains the technology, without going too deep into the subject.

  1. BPP Business School

This one is definitely not your typical whiteboard animation, but a good example of how you can go a bit fancy with your video. The moving animations give it an extra flair of excitement, and it’s just enough to hold your attention.

  1. Comnio

This fun and colorful animation is a good example of how to produce an explainer video in less than two minutes. The message is clear and concise, and highlights the consumer’s problem, making it easy for viewers to relate.

  1. com

Study.com covers the broad topic of marketing with this whiteboard animation. It’s highly informational, and an excellent sample of how to produce educational videos.

There’s just something about whiteboard animation. Watching the animation unfold before your eyes—following that disembodied hand as it draws the next frame. If whiteboard videos continue to deliver suspense, story, and intrigue, these videos will be around for another decade.

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