What’s the best length for a video?

What’s the best length for a video?

When marketing videos on the social media, there should be specific time length it should take depending on the social app.

The social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube need different time or length to allow viewers to watch. The following are the various lengths used in various social media.

Instagram app: (30 seconds)

While posting the video clips on the social media through Instagram app, one should effectively consider the thirty second length of display. The platform should always meet the expectation of the audience using the app. Usually the Instagram app is used to display the pictures with little or no texts. Therefore, the Instagram app should contain the videos with little texts to allow easy understanding of the video message. However, for the first three seconds the video should be capitulating and therefore should allow whether a person would continue to watch or not. Thus the video clip should take the little time possible to avoid monotony.

Twitter app: (45 seconds)

The summer start-up of the video in the twitter app should take at least 45 seconds to be viewed by the clients. As usual, most people like following the stories, pictures and videos of people, and thus it would be of great importance for the marketer of the video on the social app to display the video for 45 seconds. Most people respond well to the face of humanity because the attention is well captured and familiarity is well created thus evoking a long lasting emotion. Above all, enthusiasm should be well thrilled to enable continuous follow up of the video every time it’s posted on the twitter app.

Facebook media: 60 seconds    

Facebook is widely used by most people worldwide who like the pictures and videos posted, view them, comment and share them to the friends on Facebook or other media which may be available. Thus the marketer can be able to sprout the video using some simple texts accompanied with it since most people may access. Therefore, a one minute display of the video on the Facebook app allows the viewers to watch the video so as to like and make comments about the video.  This will help the marketer of the video to know the mistake done while shooting the video and rectify the errors for better improvement of the video. The strength of the video is also known through the positive comments of the viewers in the Facebook can be noticed and enhanced in video shooting. The important thing the marketer should remember when displaying the video in this app should be the subtitles which should guide the viewer on the progress of the video within one minute or sixty seconds length.

YouTube app length: 2 minutes

The length of viewing the video in the YouTube app should take at least two minutes or 120 seconds. This will be enough to cultivate one’s interest on the video. Therefore, the marketer of the video will be able to provide efficient information to the viewer to allow sufficient time to judge on the video. The YouTube app should cover a concept which may take a blog of at least 1000 words in expression. Therefore, a two minute view of the video will help compliment these total words which may take a 10 minute in reading the articles. Additionally human brain can be able to comprehend the graphic information than the written information and remember it for long time.

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