What actually are GIFs and Where Can They be used

What actually are GIFs and Where Can They be used

Animated videos are time consuming as well as quite costly that can not be afforded by every one. GIFs can be used instead for effective and entertaining results.

Technology has definitely made performing our daily tasks easy, promoting our business effectively and reach to our loved ones whenever we want. It also has added fun and magic to seemingly ordinary tasks like chatting. We are always on our phones, sharing interesting material with our friends and family, and GIFs are the new trend in almost every social platform. People communicate through them and convey the whole mood and message with just a single moving picture. GIFs are everywhere now a days and are quite amazing and interesting.

What does GIF mean?

GIF is the shorter form of Graphics Interchange Format. They are the files which contain graphic files that move e.g. A girl waving hand, a baby who dances, or a bird who flies. It is created by combining many images in a single frame. These multiple images create the effect of moving or a short film.

Why to use GIFs?

They are basically a way of light entertainment while chatting with someone. People can use a single image to reply on comments or online threads instead of writing few sentences. These files are widely being used online for showing real-life reactions, explaining a complicated concept or mood creatively. GIFs are best to show humorous tone and show the fun side of a person. They can be shared easily and a larger message can be conveyed in a shorter way.

GIFs are not only used for comments, but many brands also find it useful to communicate with their customers in a lighter and entertaining way. They use GIFs for bite-sized advertisement. Businesses like to use GIFs for advertising because they can easily be created by them in low costs, other animated videos are quite costly.

Brands that use GIFs for promotion:

As mentioned earlier, many renowned brands are using GIFs. Many major brands like Starbucks, NASA, Pixar, Coca Cola etc. are using these files to interact with their customers.

Best and easy Applications to create GIFs:
There are many software and online websites available to create GIFs easily. Here is the list of some of the best GIFs makers that will help you and you will not get irritated.

  1. Giphy:

It is one of the easiest GIF maker that one can ever found. They provide some ready made GIFs for almost every occasion. And it also allows you to create a GIF according to your choice.

  1. Makagif:

It almost works like Giphy because it also provides a list of GIFs and one can create their own as well. The only difference is that they offer two kind of services; free and premium.

  1. GIFCreator:

This GIF allows you to upload multiple images which will result in a beautiful GIF file. You can convert your trip pictures to a GIF file and share it with your friends to show them the real fun you had.

Many other useful applications and software can be found which not only offer multiple of services but one is better than the other to give you perfect results.


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