VIDEO SEO: 13 Ways Video Boost SEO

VIDEO SEO: 13 Ways Video Boost SEO

SEO is now buzzword of web design industry, be it UX or UI. The ultimate aim of every business is to make its site SEO friendly to increase conversions through optimized traffic.

SEO is now a must do task for every website owner, since this is the gate way to increase customer base. In this article we are going to deliberate about tips to boost video SEO, which every business website owner can find of much help:

Make a thorough search:

Before starting to make a video, you must perform a real good search through social media groups and forums for SEO video tips. Check out digital marketing web pages to have important information about trends in explainer videos.

Create high quality content:

Content is king so far as a SEO video is concerned. Make the content short, concise, correct and relevant. Always remember that content represents your brand.

Create an eye catching and cool thumbnail:

Do not let a viewer ignore your thumbnail. Make your thumbnail not resistible at all, which compels every viewer to click it.

Focus on an effective Metadata:

A good metadata in a video facilitates, search engine to quickly understand web pages and return the requested information. Select the most appropriate keyword in metadata so that it grabs search engine attention.

Optimize your videos for Mobile:

Above 90% face book users are using mobile devices. This is a great motivation for every business to make it’s videos as mobile friendly as possible.

Give your video an impressive title:

Good titles grab viewers attention .This is as valid for videos as movies. To make sure that search engines rank your video higher, you should use a solid keyword driven title, which is not too long.

Make an explainer video:

An explainer video boosts SEO friendliness and increases CTR and bounce rate. It explains your brand and products in a cool manner. Try a style which suits the best for your target audience.

 Add text transcripts and captions:

Both search engines and users are fond of captions which make your videos more searchable and boost SEO value by adding organic search.

Use videos for URL diversity:

Do not make videos for homepage only. Create effective and dedicated videos with relevant keywords for related landing pages, so that, an overall benefit of entire web site is achieved.

Use a multi platform promotional strategy:

Distributing videos on multiple channels and platforms besides, your own website increases its SEO value. So slightly alter the title of your video and upload on various platforms.

Choose right format:

Choose a format which allows most content in text form, as this is highly SEO friendly in nature. You can use video object schema as a powerful tool, to optimize your format.

Focus on feedback:

Always encourage your visitors to leave feedback, because it has no substitute, since the ultimate aim of a video is enhanced customer base. So no matter how interesting your video is, you cannot improve your decision making if you don’t prioritize visitor’s feedback.

Create strong CTA:

When video is being watched, it is high time that Call to action is incorporated, since attention is always there. I will recommend to consult you tube best practice suggestion which list certain important viewer engagement tools in this regard.

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