The future of animated video

The future of animated video

An animated marketing video offers one of the best ways to immediately engage website visitors. As a result, they are becoming a popular tool in digital marketing campaigns.

Video conserves a website visitor’s time and effort and allows startup’s to explain their main benefits quickly. You might think affordable, top-quality computer-assisted animation is a thing of the future. Well, the future is now, and here are 5 tips for anyone making their first animated marketing video.

Animated video is versatile. Animated explainer videos are a great way to educate viewers, launch a disruptive startup, sell an innovative new product, and build brand awareness. However, animation can do a lot more than that.

Animated video is just flat out engaging in ways that live action simply can’t match. And animation is coming to media in ways that you can’t imagine. Case in point, the new album, Humanz, from animated super band Gorillaz.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Gorillaz are the world’s most popular fully animated band and they’re already poised to have one of the biggest albums of 2017. And if that last sentence sounds like gibberish to you, maybe it’s time you rethink what animated video can do.


  1. Whiteboard Animation is declining in Popularity…FAST!

It’s actually become a cliche. At some point in ancient history (aka 2007), a visionary director discovered the wonders of whiteboard videos. “It’s just drawing in front of a camera!” he or she said. And not only is whiteboard animation easy, but the effect is often hypnotic. A well-done video captivates viewers as you take your idea from a blank whiteboard through growth, evolution, and finally a fully formed product ready to invest in.


  1. 3D Animation is On the Rise

Instead of whiteboards, look to the future of animation. The 3D animated video is both better-looking and more affordable than it’s ever been. It doesn’t take a division of Pixar to tell a riveting story anymore, which means 3D might be right for your video.


  1. Create Different Versions of the Same Video for Different PlatformsOne of the biggest mistakes a company can make is paying for one single video, and then using that one video across all its online platforms. The avenues for presenting the video to potential customers are many, and to maximize your video’s effectiveness you need to tailor it to the platform it’s presented on.


  1. Design for Mobile Viewing

We already said the folks on Facebook are distracted. But you should also know most of them are watching on mobile devices (in fact, 65% of Facebook video views are mobile). Your animated business video might be clear, catchy, and informative on a big computer screen, but how does it handle a 6” diagonal smartphone?

If you don’t know, you need to reconsider your video marketing strategy.

For your video to work on mobile the text needs to be big, bold, and to the point. Forget complete sentences, each screen of text should have 3 to 5 words arranged in a clear way for a less-than-genius level reader to get the point before you switch to the next idea.

Always Keep Your Eye on the Next Big Thing

The expensive part is always the first animated video production. Once you’ve created your character, decided on your voice, and solidified your message everything gets much easier. Keep rolling, keep inventing, and build on what you already have. Soon you won’t believe the video marketing campaign you are running, all with just a little more effort!

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