Terms and Conditions

Always Ensure To Go Through The Terms and Conditions Before Making A Purchase

In case you agree to our terms and conditions, we welcome you to a myriad of our services to choose from. To ensure a smooth processing of your order and transaction of payment, we request you to go through the following conditions before placing an order or payment for that purpose.

The Affordable Packages and Reimbursement Options Offered By Seekclip.Com

The packages that are made available to the clients are customized as per the needs of each client, with each having different rates. Select the ones that will fulfill your needs and make the payment as per the package chosen. Once the selection is made, the client is then required to go through the following steps:

  • A 50 percent of the package’s payment must be done in advance, no matter which package has been selected for the order to be processed. In case of an illegal transaction placement, legal action will be taken.
  • As soon as the project is finalized, a preview of it is sent to the client to be sanctioned.
  • Upon an approval from the client, the client is required to make the full payment.
  • On the receipt of the payment, the final project is then submitted to the client.

However, due to undesirable circumstances, if the client is not satisfied with the investment made on the project, then a reimbursement option is made available for the client. The option will be null and void in case the client presents incorrect details or the fault is found to be at the client’s end.

Delivery Timings Of The Project To The Clients

For a whiteboard animation, it takes a time period of approximately 2 to 5 weeks for the completion of the project by our expert team. The timings, however, differ as per the requirements of the clients, the revisions required as well as the inevitable weather conditions or natural disasters. In case of an unavoidable delay in the delivery of the project, the client is informed via email at the earliest.

The Reproduction Of The Project For Commercial Use

SeekClip.com, on any occasion, does not make use of the ordered video of any client for any profit making or commercial purposes. If the client wishes to own the source document, it will be provided to them as well.

The Privacy And Confidentiality Concerns Of The Clients

All the personal details of the client shared on our website will be strictly kept confidential, from the time of ordering till the final delivery of the project. However, this pledge does not support any mutual risk establishment with the customers in any way. Additionally, SeekClip.com does not give the permission of the authority or any assets or license rights to the clients.

On The Occasion Of Order Cancellation

If the client wishes to cancel a previously placed order, a written notice is to be sent to the company within 15 days of order placement. Upon the acknowledgement of the order cancellation notice, the process will be terminated therein. All the personal records of the client will be instantly removed from the database. Seekclip will refund the amount based on the work completed on the project. If the project has not been started by us, we will refund 90% of the amount.

In case of a further correspondence, contact us at info@seekclip.com or chat with us to get your issues resolved promptly.