Six Tips to Make Responsive Websites Work Better

Six Tips to Make Responsive Websites Work Better

The importance of responsive websites can not be denied as mostly people use mobile devices for internet surfing. This article discuss some tips to have a better responsive website for great conversion rates.
Computers are not the only device used for searching websites these days. The excessive use of tablets and mobiles compelled website owners to redesign their websites which can be accessed through these devices and the users enjoy same graphics as their computers. The new technique is called responsive websites, it means that a website is designed in a way which automatically fits any screen, be it a mobile, tablet or computer.

The tricks and tips discussed in this article will surely make your new or already existing website responsive and mobile-friendly.

  • Be careful about layouts and web design:

The foremost thing that needs attention is planning the layout and design of your website. Many designers do it before moving on to coding. You should first create a wireframe and visual design for your website.  Check whether it fits different screen sizes; it will help you in creating the exact look you want as well as customizing the templates according to your needs.

  • Design mobile version first:

Design your websites for mobile devices first. Check the elements like images, templates, layouts, and logos etc. on mobile because Responsive websites that are designed for smaller screens can later be easily converted to fit the larger screens.

  • Pay attention to the size of buttons:

It is very essential to make the buttons prominent on your website. Use different colours and shapes so that they could be recognizable. Also make sure that they can easily be clicked from any screen.

  • Learn about your visitors:

You should be well aware of your visitors and the reasons of their visits to your website. Most of the people access internet from mobile devices and search for a specific thing on each website e.g. they visit some for buying, others for selling, or sometimes just collecting information about any thing. When you know what they mostly visit your for, then make that button or option available on the

home screen so that the visitors can easily access it.

  • Images play an important role:

Visuals always play an important role in promoting any thing such as ideas, products or services. Just make sure you use optimized images for your website that could easily git any screen so that the visitors can have an emotional connection with your website and can recommend it when he feels great spending time over there.

  • Be careful for the navigations:

Navigations are like the roadmaps for your website where the visitors find links to other pages. It can easily be accessed on larger screens but can be problematic on smaller screens. The designers usually use a single hamburger icon which includes all the other links but visitors some times find it irritating and leave. The solution to this could be using few important links on the header while other links can be hide under the hamburger icon.

Responsive websites are essential now a days because they not only increase your conversion rate, but also make your brand or product look more attractive to the users.

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