Should you have content or design first?

Should you have content or design first?

Website design may cost more so hasting with it might not be a good idea thus it is important to head start with content.

When you plan to make a website or hire someone to do so, you should prioritize what needs to be done first. When you are prioritizing you are preparing an approach on the creation of your website. So whether you are an expert on website development or you are planning to get it created by someone else, when it comes to designing, the options are unlimited which can make your website simply look incredible. The important thing to understand over here is that no matter how good you website design is it will be a waste if the content doesn’t go with the content because the design will attract the users but the content will ensure that the viewer’s stay around. This means that when making a website content for it should be given equally importance if not more. Good content along with attractive design will not only ensure greater traffic but it will also increase the chances of conversion which is the ultimate aim for creating any website.

Website design may cost more

Designing a website is a very complicated task if the content is not available. In the absence of content the design of the website will not have a specific path to follow and you might end up including things that are irrelevant for your site and all of this will come at a very big price because the more you decorate the more cost will be incurred. This means that designing the website is not just complicated but it is very expensive and if you do not control it, it can cost you a lot more money which might put a stress on your budget allocation. So if you want your website cost to be economical it is very important to be very specific with design that perfectly aligns with the content plan for your target audience.

Do not haste with the website design

So if you are making a website or you are planning to get it made from someone else, in either case do not haste in selecting the pattern or a template as it might adversely affect the tempo and relevancy in writing the content for your website. If you want to perfectly align your design and content for your website for effective results you should ensure that the website design is in the accordance with the content written for it rather than the content being written in accordance with the design.

Content to take head start

So no matter you or anyone who is making the website will be confused in the first place if he is to write the content in accordance with the design so it will be a lot easier, convenient and relevant if the content takes the head start because it will be the driving force behind the creation of website.


If you want to increase the traffic on your website, engage them and increase the chances of conversion then it is important to that you or your content team discuss the content with the designers who can the design the website with the better understanding of the content which will provide the users with the ultimate experiencing thus enhancing their user experience.



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