Myths about explainer video

Myths about explainer video

The explainer videos are not supposed to provide fun and humor as a primary objective to the users, they are beneficial if the message is delivered correctly.


There has been a growing trend of explainer videos over the years due to the increase in content marketing. But not all the videos are effective and simple that engage the user’s attention. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the industry, it is important to understand what is real and what a myth about the explainer video is. Let us discuss the myths about the explainer videos that are creating people’s perceptions about them.

A Video Should be Serious One

The first myth about the animated explainer video is that the video must be serious; it is a fact that the video explains your company and its products and there should be no jokes in the video. But that does not mean that it must exclude all the funny element to amuse the viewers. Humor makes videos more effective.

An animated video is not for Adults

It is a myth that an animated video is only for kids and their amusement; it is an art form that all the people can enjoy and want to watch.

Number of Views is Important

Too many marketers are worried about the number of viewers and the views a video gets per week or month; it is not the most important metric to gauge the success of a video. The goal here is not to get a lot of visitors to watch the video, thereat task is to get the people interest in the product.

Using Too Much Humor is Good

Some videos are too funny they do not present an accurate picture of company’s product or message to be delivered. For sales conversion, humor is necessary but too much fun does not trigger the emotions of people.

Videos are Expensive Means of Advertisement

It is a myth that the explainer videos are most expensive than other forms of advertising. Not all videos are more expensive, and they get fast results as compared to whiteboard animation.

Adding a Call To Action is Must

The people are getting smarter each day; they can understand you are forcing them to buy their product. The call to action is not always necessary as it does not guarantee higher sales all the time.

Having Viral Videos is the Way to Success

If your videos are not viral, do not be worried because they don’t need to be viral to promote your product in a practical way. Just make sure that they are serving the purpose of grabbing attention.

Videos Take Up Too Much Time

It is a fact that high budget videos sometimes take too much time to complete and production cost is high, but merely hiring an expert if you don’t have time can solve your problem.

Videos Have Nothing to Share

Tell your audience how their problem can be solved through your video message. Keep in mind that the business videos can be short, do not add too many special effects to steal the fun of video message. The correct message delivery is all you need.

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