Increase Your Website’s Conversions by Using Video on a Landing Page

Increase Your Website’s Conversions by Using Video on a Landing Page

There are many ways to increase a website’s conversion. One of the effective medium is using videos that explains everything properly.

Landing pages provide the basic information about a webpage. There used to be only one page on a website earlier which would be the landing page, but now each section on a website has its on landing page. The simple definition of a landing page could be “a page where people land” so the information should provide the main idea of the whole page so that people do not get irritated by searching everything by themselves.

There are many ways to make your landing page is appealing and increase your conversion. One of the effective way is to use videos. Research has been showed that conversion of websites having videos on their landing page has increased up to 80%. Video is no doubt an effective medium to interact with people or customers and convey the message in short period of time. This article discusses some the other benefits of using videos on landing page which results in better conversions.

  • Watching is preferred than reading:

Very few people likes reading, otherwise majority of the people prefer watching a video to get information about anything. Social platforms are mostly used for watching videos, and also a video can be understood by any person even if he is less educated.

  • Videos compel people to stay:

When people see video option on the landing page, they will stop by and start watching it. The longer they stay on your page, the better your conversions will be. On the other hand, if they see only text everywhere they would soon click the “back” button and leave.

  • Increased trust by introducing the real staff of a company:

Presenting company’s real employees and other on landing page could highly increase the trust of your customers or visitors. They will keep on visiting it again and again, and also would suggest it to others. This will be an automatic increase in your conversions.

  • Use short length videos:

Make sure you do not use longer video clips as your explainer videos on a landing page. People prefer short and trimmed videos. So try to convey your message in 60 to 80 seconds maximum. The important message should be conveyed in the very beginning so that people stay and watch the complete video.

  • Valuable video content:

The content of your video should be valuable. The length does not matter more than the content. Some marketers disappoint because they have short length video on their landing page but still the conversion rate is low because people do not watch full video. It is because you haven’t created your videos content smartly. Some products, services and medical terms and equipments, etc. are very hard to grasp by common people. Your video should teach them and let the customers convince using your service or buy your product.

The few points discussed here are very beneficial for designing a landing page smartly. Try making these changes on your website’s landing page if you already have one. And see a rapid change in your conversions.

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