How to know if you need SEO for your website

How to know if you need SEO for your website

By checking the business name through keywords, searching it on Google, and checking it on Google’s map, one can know if the website needs SEO.

Search engine optimization is highly important for every website. When it comes to an online business, setting up a website is simple and easy. But, making a website alone will never generate revenue. For this, we need to make our website visible and high graded. Google has become smarter and now it has strict policies for website rating. Gone are the days when getting a high rank was simple. Today, the policies of Google are strict and one needs to be very vigilant when designing the SEO policies. It is due to the fact that many well-known website have been banned from Google due to their new policies. Doing good SEO for one time is not enough. SEO is something that needs to be consistent. In some cases, we need to know that where our website stands and how much SEO do our website needs. We have to follow some easy steps to know whether our website needs SEO or not and these steps are as follows:

  • Search for your business

The first step is to search for your organization’s name on Google. Highly ranked websites always come on the first few searches. If you do not find your name, try searching on two more pages. If the name is not there, it is an indication that the business requires serious SEO. If the name is present in the list but it is not on the first page, you just need to tweak few things smartly.

  • Search by keywords

Try searching for your business by keywords. The keywords should be closely related to your niche. Try searching it from the customer’s point of view. If your business name is there then it is a good sign, but if you do not find the name even after using so many keywords, there is some problem.

  • Search on Google map

Take your smartphone and search for your business on Google map. If it is correctly optimized, you will find the name for sure. If you do not find the name, you need to work on your SEO. Make sure to put the correct address and contact details on your page so that it comes on the map when users search for it.

Once you know that your website needs SEO, the next step is to analyze it deeply by using free online tools. Website grader is one of the most famous tools for SEO checking. It is free to use and tells us many things about the website. This tool checks the website for SEO, mobile readiness, loading time, and so on. However, one cannot totally on this tool as it does not provide a comprehensive report but it helps in highlighting the main things. Website Grader is helpful in knowing if the website needs more SEO and in what sections. Other tools include SEO sort, Google’s webmaster, buzz stream and so on. Now you have a complete report on where the website actually stands. The final step is to work accordingly!


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