How to increase app conversions with video

How to increase app conversions with video

The app conversions through a video is a challenge because most customers do not watch videos on the app store and do not install the app easily.


Getting a video right on the Google play or an app store is a challenging task; once people land on the app store, they do not want to play a video immediately. It also costs a lot to test and implement the video; the production costs are too much sometimes to get the benefit back from the video. Therefore increasing app conversions through a video is not a simple task, it is a challenge which does not merely involve the conversion improvement. Users watch your video then decide whether they want to install and use your app or not? Users who do not watch the video are not likely to install the app.

App Conversation Challenge With Videos

Modern-day app store optimizers have a professional job to test and evaluate thousands of modern day videos for promotion. What makes a video successful depends on how well it is made and what content it is displaying. A promo video can either increase or decrease the rates by 25%. What makes the video worth testing and optimizing is the benefit it provides. The visual richness of videos offers a great medium for delivering messages that often don’t come across as well through text

A play store video has a huge potential to understand the value propositions and present a vivid picture of the application that you are offering to the public for their benefit of problem solution. It is supposed to get the viewers excited about the app rather than repel them away. Therefore if the visitors are engaged with the video, they become high-value visitors.

Improved Technology

The mobile technology and ever increasing use of gadgets have increased the importance of videos. Social media like Facebook and Instagram are hosting millions of videos and streams to impress the potential customers. The most convincing way to impress your customers through a video is to select the right technology platform.

Using the Right Message

To increase the install rate of the app and to engage the customers more, it is recommended to make your app store video not too detailed like a full tutorial. Start with the most convincing message and tell the users why they need the product and how to use it in the future. Think of what makes your app different from thousand others.

Video Length

More often the short videos gain more customers and attention within 15 to 30 seconds.     Do not be tempted to show everything you have. Otherwise, the majority of viewers will run away.

Narration and Sound of Video

Having good background music, narration and sound of a video is most important pre-requisite for success. Many people do not watch videos at home, they watch them in public areas and draw inspiration from them.

What Can Go Wrong

Choosing a random poster for IOS is the most common mistake made by the users. If the first impression of your app store is not good, 50% of users do not install the app. The decisive visitors are those who make a quick look at your store page within 5 seconds time.

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