How to choose the right host for your website

How to choose the right host for your website

From various web host types to consider different things before selecting host are some of the important things to consider before choosing the host.

When it comes to choosing the right host for your website there are almost unlimited options to choose from. The host is required so that you can connect your website to the internet. However whatever host you choose it is very important that you review them properly and analyze that which host fits your requirements.

Website host types

When looking for website host you will come across a number of types of host which are as follow:

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is amongst the most affordable option available. In most cases shared hosting also referred to as hosting plans offers single domain. It may also limit the features, storage and bandwidth. This type of hosting is recommended for beginners who do not have specific needs or don’t expect too much traffic in the beginning.

  1. Dedicated Servers

Shard hosting as the name suggest shares space with other webmasters on hosting server. As the requirement from the host grows and it can no long cater your needs then there will be need to upgrade to own servers and this where dedicated servers comes in. This plan costs more and should be opted if you anticipate that the traffic and the requirements will increase.

  1. Reseller Hosting

If you are looking for an ideal solution between the above two then reseller hosting is the right choice for you. It allows        the client to setup multiple individual plans within a single account and our best suited for businesses that can run small websites.

Things to consider before you select the host.

Once you select the host type based on your requirements the next step is to consider the following things before you select the host:

  • Cost

Cost is one of the major factors before you select the host as it is important to find one on reasonable rates. There are several free hosting programs but they are mostly not reliable due to onsite advertisements.

  • Reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to ascertain and evaluating the right host for you since they can easily misguide people with their false features and hidden drawbacks. This is where you can get the actual idea of what to choose in terms of the reviews by other customers.

  • Support

Customer support is essential part of any service. So whether you are a beginner or a pro customer support is an essential need for everyone. A strong customer support will ensure quality help on urgent basis and for customer’s timely help is of great importance. Companies providing 24/7 service, email support and chat support are more valuable the customers and will give you a sense of security.

  • Bandwidth & storage

Now as more and more companies come in, the more companies are offering unlimited storage and bandwidth. With unlimited storage and bandwidth websites can be operated effectively.

  • Web scripts support

Many companies offer default supports for popular web scripts. Running word press for website is a very good example. The built in support for the web scripts can be of great importance and provides quite a bit relief.

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