Guide for development of online selling store

Guide for development of online selling store

Modern technology has impacted the consumer buying behaviour a lot. Building a successful ecommerce website is challenging and few essentials must be followed. The key factors to be considered are discussed in this article.

An online selling webstore is different in features than other website types, therefore, it needs special features to help customers in easy and secure shopping.

The mode of business has reformed from being physical to internet-based. Here are some of the elements of eCommerce website design that are must-have for any progressive online business.

  1. Screen adaptation and ease of Navigation

From the year 2013 the trend of buying all kinds of goods from mobile has increased. The online store should be adapted as per the mobile screen of your customer, this is the first step to convert the audience to buyer. The navigation, check out feature, social media buttons should be easily accessible. The buttons should be placed in a way that it is easy to use the website. Many times, the hover option opens the drop down distorting the main page view.

  1. Trending Products on Homepage

The online store must always feature the hot seller products on the front page so that the clients can see what the speciality of any specific brand is. The customer is always interested in the best offers. It also certainly helps them chose the best options, as they can buy what they actually came for rather than searching through the collections

  1. Live chat options

Moreover, while developing an efficient online store it shouldn’t be ignored that the customers always want to have humanly touch. A live chat feature or a toll-free phone number should be prominently presented that clients can reach customer service anytime to get their inquiries responded.

  1. Website Promotional Strategy

Once you succeed in developing an efficient website which is customer friendly, the next step is to ensure its visibility to your target audience. In order to build consistent flow to the online store the marketing team needs to build and execute a promotional plan for the website.

  1. Excellent Product Display

When buying through a online store it is important for the customer to have a great view of the product. It is essential while developing an ecommerce website to give a feature of product image magnifier. Also, an additional amazing feature is to show the product from a 360-dimensional view

  1. Return and Exchange Policy

The brand needs to build an efficient return and exchange policy considering the business dynamics like where the product is shipped and how convenient it is for the business to entertain the returns. Once it is designed it has to display where it is easy for the customer to find. It has to be written in very clear language with all details about the process of exchange and return.

  1. Guest Sign up Option:

The customers find it very hard to fill in lengthy registration forms at the time of checkout which can lead to the customer leaving the order. It is a must to give the option of guest check out so that they complete the order placement process. Online customers want to place quick orders and it can happen through guest checkout.

  1. Payment Options:

All-in-one integration with popular payment systems such as PayPal. In today’s world the online customers are majorly using the PayPal accounts and choose it over other checkout methods. Regardless of this fact you should always have multiple options for the payment when you chose a good ecommerce package it is easy to get a PayPal integration and an easy gateway system for credit/debit cards.

  1. Load Speed – W3C Standards

Online business can flourish only when the website speed is great. Today the customer does not want to wait on a website which take more than 02 seconds to load. Fast loading speed of a website makes it convenient for a customer to shop and browse. It leads to minimum bounce rate. The ideal loading speed is between 2 to 3 seconds whereas the average loading speed is up to 6 seconds. In order to achieve the ideal loading speed the website needs to have the HTML code which is W3C valid and meeting all industry standards.

So, when developing an online webstore there are few famous and most widely used platform such Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Cartel, Opencart, PrestaShop, Cratejoy Subscription box. They provide amazing features that cover all above mentioned essentials required for building and running an incredible ecommerce website.

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