Explainer Video Types

Explainer Video Types

Explainer videos are of many types and cost differently according to the needs and requirements of a brand or a company. They promote a product with words or live action.


Every business looking for a production of new explainer video for their upcoming project but it is essential for them to know that how much they should invest and what to choose from regarding explainer video? Each explainer video has a cost and a type associated with it which a company can use according to its needs. Each company has a brand or product that required special time to describe it completely for the audience to get sustainable profit growth. It depends on the idea marketing managers produce and in how many seconds it can be explained to the public?

The average time for marketing a brand or a new product should be 30 to 90 seconds in an explainer video. It can get the attention of viewers in a first few seconds because they do not like to watch long commercial videos. So the question arises the type of video a company must choose with suits their needs best.

Types of Animation Videos

There are several types of popular video types and formats to choose from; for example, they include 2d character animation video, 2d motion graphics or info graphic video with animation, 2.5d video with animation, whiteboard animation video, 3d animation video, typography, live action video, screencast and animated screencast.

2D Character Animation

2D animation video is the most popular and widely used video formats in the business world. This video fits perfectly into a low budget and helps people to make an ideal form of content. People can share it and enjoy it.

2D Motion Graphics

The 2D motion graphics provide an excellent opportunity for marketers to share their message with entertainment. It brings a buzz to the public to promote the brand, and the starting price is around $1000 to create such a video.

2.5D Animation

It is a combination of 2D and 3D images which makes a video commercial more appealing for the customers. It helps them to move into a 3D like space.

Whiteboard Animation

This is another famous and important video type format for new and startup businesses. Sequential images are drawn in this type and match the voice.

3D Animation

It is the more expensive and time-consuming choice which includes endless possibilities to promote your brand. It is better than 2D animation but the production time takes longer. It also takes a longer time to make any adjustments in it. The budget is around $10000.

Live Action with Animation

Live action video is nothing but a live animation which includes video cameras to record the live action with people or actors. It includes many individuals including the camera, the crew, the managers, the actors, the lighting staff and production and makeup staff. It also offers greater benefits to the company’s marketing their products. With the live action, it is easy to build trust with the customers by presenting them the actual product and explaining its benefits. It is both illustrative and entertaining.


The idea of typography is to promote the brand through words by sharing the inspiring text or content sequentially.

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