Does Social Media Affect SEO Rankings?

Does Social Media Affect SEO Rankings?

Social media is a great facilitator for websites to garner more visitors, thus increasing external links and all search engines value this external validation a lot.

Everybody is so keen about social media for specific reasons from on-line dating to distance learning. Businesses around the world however, are exploring various opportunities on almost daily basis, from this powerful platform. Never before they have witnessed, customer’s accessibility on such a wide scale with so much ease and comfort, which face book and twitter has now provided to them.

The businesses enhance traffic to their websites by making them SEO friendly. Social media also provide them multiple avenues to establish relationships with prospective customers. Let us now see, how social media interact with a site in helping its SEO aspect.

Social media enhances Brand awareness: With effective use of social media through impressive content, informative posts and promotional campaigns, businesses improve their brand awareness. They execute surveys, ask questions, offer rewards and bonuses schemes and start discussions on social media and receive likes, comments and visits to their accounts from all nooks and crannies of the globe.

All search engines value the external validation of a website on social media .This results in higher SEPR ranking for such websites. Though Google claims that its search engine do not allow signals from social media to directly affect ranking, the fact is that social media has an indirect impact on SEO. All marketing gurus are therefore emphasizing businesses to enhance their brand recognition through social media so that their SEO rankings improve.

Search engines capture social media profiles of a site too: When a person makes a search of a certain business through search engine, often the social media profiles of that particular business are also popped up along with official business websites. So if a business engages its customers effectively and target profiling on social media platforms that give it contact with most customers of its products, it will ensure higher rankings.

The message for a business is thus to have its social media platforms updated in content and information.

Social media enhances on-line visibility: With effective content on social media, which uses text, video and images in a perfect and balanced way, the visibility of a website increases manifold. This results in divergence of more traffic to your website.

The increased traffic brings the benefits of more likes, shares, pins, votes, comments and reviews, showing that your products and brands are being talked about. These social signals affect your sales positively and make your business more successful.

It may be concluded from above discussion that continuous on-line visibility and SEO, both serve a common purpose that is enhanced traffic.

Social media impacts the time spent on websites: Use of social media with an effective content marketing strategy, leads to a very catchy, informative and user-friendly page, which in turn will compel visitors to spend more time on a business website. Since, the average time spent on a website is an important factor in SERP ranking, the website will definitely have a good standing in search engine results.


Social media and SEO have common purposes to serve, which is increasing traffic, therefore both supplement each other. A united strategy is therefore very useful for devising a digital marketing plan for any business. The use of social media must be so effective that a high ranking of SEO is ensured.

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