Animated Storytelling Is Amazing

Animated Storytelling Is Amazing

Storytelling is the oldest human tradition which is still loved by everyone. It has become more powerful and amazing after being blended with animation technology.

Whenever we talk of story telling our mind goes to early childhood stories told by grannies at bed time and we have a nostalgic memory of that. Since animation came into our lives and Walt Disney movies took the reign, we have been captivated by those powerful characters of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Cinderella which are associated with our subconscious memory.

The art of storytelling is astounding, because if storyteller knows the art, he can bring us to the world of fantasy where we do not remain with ourselves. The story’s engaging power is so captivating that it overwhelms us. This power increases to manifolds when stories are presented on screens with characters moving and talking like us. This is the time when viewers start to relate with characters. The elegance and grandeur of animated storytelling has now transcended its conventional boundaries and now it has entered an age where its power is being used to boost brand recognition, enhance conversions and educating people digitally around the globe.

Stories being written in viewer’s presence:

The white board animation story telling is an interactive medium where stories are being developed live in the presence of audience who can actually interact and change the script as well. Can we call it zenith of storytelling? I think that its answer is “no” because technology is still growing at very fast face and many opportunities are yet to be explored.

Animated Story Telling in explainer videos -A force to reckon with:

We are making journey of wonders, animated story telling is creating and here we come to this amazing tool of explainer video, which is driven by this powerful animation technology. The videos take many shapes from motion graphics to moving typographic and from 2D and 3 D animation to screen casts.

Look at the amazing achievements of explainer videos .These impressive attention grabbing stories increase conversion rates of a business which means that mere audience and visitors are turning into customers. Can you imagine that with the help of these videos companies around the world are giving boost to their brands and digital marketing gurus are the biggest fans of these videos. And why is it so?

It is simply because that these videos communicate core values of their products in a fabulously inspiring manner to all prospective customers.

Educating with fun:

Animated story telling is proving as the most precious technology gift to the world of education. Its intrinsic feature of keeping viewers attention focused for hours make it a number one choice for every educator. Education is all about memory and what else than a powerful and cool animated story facilitate learners to memorize the content.

Studies have shown that children are being benefited immensely with animated storytelling tools in the areas of communication skills, social collaboration, self expression and presentation skills.

Final Thought:

The animated storytelling is here to stay. Its sheer power of capturing human attention for longer duration and the way it keeps viewers engaging will enhance its popularity even further. So make full use of it in whichever field you want to.

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