Animated Explainer Videos: Not Just Cartoons

Animated Explainer Videos: Not Just Cartoons

Animated explainer videos describe a business idea in simple, clear and concise manner. Animation here is however not confined to just cartoons. It has a broader scope.

It is now a fact, proven by latest studies that, videos are very effective in improving conversion rate. The gurus of digital marketing are thus increasingly relying on this powerful tool.

The strength of videos as being very good attention grabbers, help developers, to communicate important information about products and brand to target audience. Whenever we think of animation, our mind diverts to cartoons, which we enjoyed as kids. The animated explainer videos presents compelling visuals by utilizing all available audio visual techniques and cartoons are just one of them. Many marketers however consider cartoons as a medium with lack of seriousness in conveying a sound business message,

In this article, we are going to discuss the widening scope and broadening frontiers of animated explainer videos and related techniques. A lot of choices are available and one has to decide according to objectives and type of audience .A good animated explainer video is one which uses blended techniques.

White Board Animation:

This is relatively new technique which is proving very effective in creating interactive explainer videos. It is a great marketing tool which explains a product or a complex idea in an easy and simple way. Studies have proved that retention of information increases by 15% by using white board animations. Since it is educational in nature, it is highly useful in creating training programs for employees. Cartoons can tell the story, but white board animations make story to be built right in the presence of audience. One great advantage is its being interactive which lets audience to make queries and get resolutions.

Motion Graphics:

The art of presenting information in graphics, that move and rotate, has been used as a powerful technique over the years. This technique is very useful in conveying complex and abstract concepts in the easiest way.

The marketers are relying more on motion graphics because they know that human minds tend to assimilate and retain visual information quite easily and for longer duration. They tend to merge Motion graphics with other explainer video styles in order to effectively communicate product information to targeted audience.

3 D Animations:

The days of 2 D animation are over.3D animation which is costly and is used for commercial and corporate entities is however being utilized for explainer videos for its endless uses. Therefore, if budget allows this tool should definitely be used because its high quality presentation and state of the art technology facilitate promotion of brand in quite an effective manner.


The typography is a technique used to express messages through text in motion. This is a simple technique which uses proper content with appropriate fonts and colors .If used with intelligence, this style proves effective for audience to keep messages in their memory.

For making typographic explainer video more effective, one can add music and use voice over. The low cast and less production time make this style a popular and affordable choice for marketers.


Explainer videos are not just cartoons, their scope, usage and opportunities transcend the frontiers of cartoon technology and make use of many audio visual technologies for more conversions.

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