Animated Explainer Videos is a New Promotional Trend for Biggest Companies

Animated Explainer Videos is a New Promotional Trend for Biggest Companies

The new trend of animated promotional and explainer videos has put every business in a race. The world’s biggest companies also are using it for fresher advertising.
The emergence of new technology every now and then has undoubtedly made life easier, but on the other hand it has put businessmen in an unwanted race. Promotions are always necessary for a successful business whether it is big or small, and various ways have been invented by smart minds. One of the technique which is widely being used by marketers is animated videos.

Animated videos are more than a source of fun and entertainment now. The advertisers are using it to explain and promote their products and brands. This technique is used by some old well-known brands as well to give a fresh look to their products and attract more customers. The video marketing is successful as more people use handy devices like mobile phones, tablets and are active on social platforms.

Animated explainer videos attract more audience because they are fun to watch, can easily be shared, and the fictional characters can be moulded any way. These videos tell the customers about the services and products you are offering, how your product is different from your competitors, and how you are going to fulfil customer’s expectation in the competitive marketing age. We will discuss some renowned brands and world’s biggest companies that use animated explainer videos to promote their brands in a new way.

  • Johnson’s Baby

This American company is famous for baby’s skin care products and cosmetics. Their products are specially made for babies’ delicate skin and has been proved safe clinically. They created animated branding videos where they are shown promoting their Bubble Baby Bath and Wash in an effective narrative style.

  • Baskin Robins:

This is an ice cream store and its outlets can be found worldwide. They are considered pioneers in the ice cream marketing. Recently, they created an animated video to attract more crowd and let them know why they can not miss the chance of visiting them. The video shows friendliness of workers, variety of flavours which customers can get as a sample, and ambience of shops etc.

  • Nestle: 

Nestle offers more than 2000 food and beverages items around the world, which makes it one the largest food company in the world. The guaranteed safe food makes it a reliable company for consumers.  They created an animated video showing how the quality of food is maintained by them to let the customers trust them more and recommend their products boldly.

  • Kareo:

It is a platform that provides medical technology all over the USA. The company offers services like medical billing, electronic health records management, and medical practice management software. Their system is used by many health categories like cardiology, mental health, family health etc. They recently created an animated video to convince the doctors and practitioners for using their services and equipment which will save their time and help their patients.

There are many other brands as well who used animated video technique like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Starbucks, Barney and Barney etc. It has been applied in finance marketing, food and beverages, IT, and Agriculture etc

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