Animated explainer video; a niche which can service any other target niche

Animated explainer video; a niche which can service any other target niche

Growing Popularity of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos help communicate with potential and existing clients through a short video about the products and services.

Video marketing on the internet is currently one of the most widely used and effective modes of marketing in the business industry. With internet available to almost everyone 24/7 and easy access to smart devices and mobiles, the number of users of internet and social media websites are growing in multiplying numbers.

As the virtual market place becomes larger and larger, marketers are now focusing on new and innovative ways of reaching out to the customer in a more effective manner.

Animated Explainer Video is one such way to convey the marketer’s message to the potential audience. These videos have a strong impact on the viewer and can better deliver the core concept of the product or service through a story telling mode.

What are they all about?

These are the type of videos that convey the message about the product or service to the viewer in a couple of minutes through a short video. These videos are mostly animated and can deliver the business idea to the potential client in a short yet effective manner.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos:

An animated explainer can be of various types depending on the development technique used. These include the following:

  • Cartoon Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • White board Animation.

Benefits of using animated explainer videos:

Although the animated video development is considered to be a niche itself, it is best suited to meet the needs of a large number of target niches in the business industry.

There is no specific industry or type of product for which this type of marketing video is more or less suited for. It is universally applicable for all type of marketing campaigns and products and services.

According to statistics most businesses use these marketing videos because:

  • They are known to enhance sales and increase product conversions by 20-25%.
  • They are engaging and attractive and keep visitors stuck onto the website for a longer period of time.
  • These videos have higher ranking on search engines and hence more chances of catching the viewer attention
  • Explainer videos are more effective and customers feel satisfied with the information these videos provide. Hence buying chances are enhanced.
  • They can be shared fast and easily through social media websites and messaging apps
  • They use fiction and cartoon characters that gain fast popularity among clients and help develop an emotional bond of love and likeliness.

They can fit in for all niches because:

The animated explainer videos industry is growing slowly but steadily. More and more industries are using this kind of marketing technique not just because of its effectiveness but because it is so simple and less costly as compared to large advertising campaigns.

The use of short yet engaging videos that explain the usefulness of the products or service and the importance of the brands is considered to be very popular especially in the younger generation. This younger target market much more technology savvy and spend long hours on the internet and using social media websites.

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