9 ways to use lead generation videos

9 ways to use lead generation videos

When selling big-ticket products in big spaces, there is a likelihood of lead generation in the business.

Here are ways that one can use to lead generation videos to promote campaigns


  1. Offer related content or download next to your video

Ensure one has additional assets into the spotlight by adding the download button which will bring the users to the new landing chapter where they can be downloaded for additional content. This can also promote additional news concerning the product or any on-going offers of the product.

  1. Embed lead generation forms directly into the video experience

When using videos as components of brand awareness, then one may wish to involve the lead generation until the end of the video. Thus maximizing the exposure to the viewers may make them to be familiar about the product and determine their potentiality of whether to learn about it or not. Lead generation works nice when the content is targeted at lower levels leads. Henceforth, most of the viewers would get the opportunity to provide their information while exposing more other people to acquire the brand and the information intended for them.

  1. Create a gated content community

Through provision of exclusive content by video communities, one can create a dedicated audience that will engage with the brand consistently. Additionally, these videos will be more accessible to the viewers who opt to acquire the video information. Moreover users can sign up to obtain the latest notification about the product or service. Henceforth, the users would be targeted to the new gated or landing chapter which hosts videos exclusively for gated content community members.

  1. Sharing on the social media

Sharing of the initial videos on the social media app can create awareness of the brand thus driving organic traffic to the website of the product. Vertical videos can be appropriate in the apps such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Therefore, more audience on the social media nurture potential leads.

  1. Paid promotion on Facebook

Facebook allows one to create lead generation forms on the manager platform. This helps one to access the platform and acquire the lead generation 1form which prompts one to enter comments. Thus right videos should be targeted to meet right audience considering the Facebook app which consist great multitude.

  1. Paid promotion on Linkedln

Linkedln helps to expand the lead generation capabilities to include the video content of a product. This works through combining the neat animated explainer video together.

  1. Promotion on YouTube

YouTube offers promotion of the content in two ways; cards and end screens. Through the cards, YouTube provides additional information by linking the viewers to participate in a poll and promote playlist or channel. On the other hand, through the end screens, it encourages other channels to create a subscriber to the YouTube channel.

  1. Adding video to email

Share the video via the emails of the clients and ensure to include a linkage in the newsletter. This will make the information more accessible to users and will welcome most users’ comment to engage personally in their inboxes. The kind of programs directed through email can be offered exclusively on targeted audience.

  1. Video for lead scoring

Lead scoring involves assigning a value score to a specific sales team so as to prioritize the leads which are most liked. Video link therefore allows the recipients to view the video through and then forward it to two or more friends at the working place or that far and willing view the video.

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