8 Ways to Learn In Business

8 Ways to Learn In Business

Running a business can teach a lot to the entrepreneur. It teaches ways and means to tackle challenges in a subtle manner. In an unspoken language called experience.

Learning does not stop at college or university. The buzzword of today is “lifelong learning”. Every aspect of human life teaches us .sometimes we learn consciously rather willingly but, most of the time life teaches us unconsciously through observation and experiences. Above all we all learn from mistakes.

When somebody starts a business, irrespective of its size and nature, the business starts teaching lessons which are precious. Let’s deliberate about lessons we learn in a business:


The first and foremost is the lesson that one has to do a task persistently, despite any number of difficulties. If you know that doing the task is the desirable and important part of your job to achieve ultimate success ultimately, one should never give up.

Communication is vital:

Communication is taught in every business school as a key skill. When we do business, it teaches us that it is a highly critical skill for successful business. In case of small entrepreneurships where customer usually comes in physical contact the art of oral communication is a sure success factor in customer satisfaction.

In written form of communication also, it is important to be clear, concise and accurate, because non compliance to any of these points sometimes result in annoyance of customer and often in bitter consequences. Business also teaches you to understand non verbal communication like body language and gestures, which if taken care of, pay positive results.

Time Management:

The value of time is best understood by an entrepreneur simply because one is always surrounded by timelines and commitments. Complying customer requirements within time frame and making deliveries on time is a litmus test, which enable customers to carry on their relationships with a business or to say good bye.

It’s all about building relationships:

The ladder of the success is made of bonding relationship with customers. Though making somebody your customer is important for sales and income growth, but to have relationships based on love and fondness is even more important. Good relationships enhance your brand recognition and boost customer’s loyalty

Keeping fingers on market’s pulse is inevitable for growth:

An important lesson which every business teaches to its entrepreneurs is to know where market is heading to.  Knowing trends of market and customer’s preferences always keep us updated. It prepares us to be alert and proactive .Never keep your eyes away from what competitors are doing.

Take calculated risks:

Experiences in business tell us that taking risks is Ok because “no risk no game “is a valid point for every business. Taking risk recklessly and putting all the eggs in one basket, however is foolish and taking calculated risk is not only safe but often proves highly rewarding as well.

Creativity is an asset:

Thinking out of box and giving unique but viable solutions to customers need is something which cannot be taught in a business school. Business does teach us that successful entrepreneurs are those who use their creative imagination and do something which is not what everybody else is doing.

Incentives matter:

Businesses teach us one valuable lesson about human nature. I.e. they need incentive to be motivated.

So never forget to give discounts and coupons schemes within whatever limits possible. A little planning for such incentives pays better financial rewards.

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