5 Tips for Website Owners to Improve User Experience (UX)

5 Tips for Website Owners to Improve User Experience (UX)

User experience or UX is what that can boost a website’s conversions. This article discusses some tips which are beneficial for website owners for improvement of UX.
There are millions of websites available on the internet. This gives a tough competition to the average websites and they need to improve their strategies for the sake of better conversions. Users’ experience, which is technically referred to as UX, is the most important thing which can boost conversions of any company. If you are a website owner or planning to build one, your first priority should be thinking about the customers’ experience. It should be smooth and effortless otherwise they have thousands of other options available to switch over there.

Promoting your website through social platforms is no more enough for driving traffic because you need to convert your visitors into customers and compel them to stay longer on your website. This articles throws light on some of the easy tips which an average website owner can adopt to improve his website and users experience (UX).

  • Be attentive towards your font and text:

Make sure the font you use for your website is easily readable and the users do not get irritated by its style or size. Another thing which needs attention is the description you use for the products or anything else, it should be simple and concise so that the visitor do not get irritated by reading long paragraphs.

  • Responsive websites do better:

Responsive websites are those which automatically fit any screen size and work properly on any device such as laptop, desktop computers, mobile, smart TVs, or smartphones etc. The UX can be improved by this technique because these websites automatically upgrade. And the user feel convenient by approaching the website any time from any device.

  • Influence of page loading speed and performance:

The users get irritated when a website has heavy files and takes too long to load. The users will not take a second to click the “back” button and search for another better option. Make sure the loading time for your website is as low as possible so that google also recommends it by random searching because such websites are encouraged by google as well.

  • Pleasant and simple design:

Keep the design of your website pleasant and simple so that it looks attractive to the visitors. The overcrowded websites are not appreciated by the visitors where there is a lot of information, text, videos, and images everywhere. The font style, and colour should be eye-catching. Do not add so many tabs, options and menus. It will also give a clear and systematic approach to the users.

  • Be a minimalist while designing your website:

UX can be improved if the website designers pay attention to the amount of information they are providing on their websites. Be specific about everything rather than pouring too many words for describing a single product. The less and to the point information is always great and attracts more people.

We have discussed only five main points which are simple and can be adopted by an average person. Because bug companies hire web designers but owner of a small business does not have enough budget to spend on such things.


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