5 Strategies to build links for SEO Using Images

5 Strategies to build links for SEO Using Images

Images are vital for SEO, since all search engines value images and visual content favorably if these are associated with relevant keywords.

Visual content has been dominating now the internet scene mainly due to the fact that its retention is longer than text. Visuals are colorful catchy and attention grabbers. Efficient and meaningful use of visual information in a website therefore, attracts visitors and keeps them glued to the side for a longer duration of time.

Smart link building through images is a very effective SEO strategy that gives you a definitive edge over your competitors provided you use it efficiently and effectively.

Use Original images:

It is advisable to always use original images instead of stock images. This will keep you away from copyright and legal issues. Many marketing surveys and studies have proved that original photos attract more visitors and they remain engaged also more than stock photos.

The best strategy for creating an original image is to depict a theme through this photograph.There is lots of resources available on internet which assist to create high quality images. One very important factor in using original images pertain to lower cost compared to purchasing images by spending big bucks.

Use info graphics:

There is a lots of text data available on websites, which is often boring and dry and tend to frustrate the visitors. Experience has told us that data and statistics if presented in graphical illustrations prove more effective than plain text.

Before creating info graphic, you must always conduct a meaningful research about your target audience and their expectations .i.e. what are they interested in and exactly what information they are seeking. You must also know preferences of your audience.

When effective research is conducted, you then need to present the information in a catchy and attraction grabbing style. Use of a tool like Adobe Photoshop is highly recommended to come out with something classy yet creative.


Optimize your images:

The first and foremost is the file name of an image. Remember all search engines value those file names which are relevant to keywords associating with a search .So always try to add a useful keyword in file name. Suppose that you have loaded an image showing Taj mahal Agra in India and you have given it name as tmai7896.jpeg, it will hinder crawling of a search engine. However search engines will be more comfortable with a name like Tajmahal-india.Jpeg.

Another very important factor is the sizing of your image. It should not be oversized, otherwise it will make opening of the page a lengthier process.

Reverse Image search:

This useful Google tool will enable you to track usage of an image by your competitors and then establish a strong relationship with those users .This relationship will of course benefit you and your competitors. You can also track use of images which you own by others. Once tracker identifies the users of your image you can ask for building linkages with those.

Present your workplace environment:

It is very beneficial for a business to present videos about its workplace environment to visitors on your website. Show them production and emphasize on quality control. You can also make videos about some special events. This will involve your customers and visitors in the inner domain of your business. This will definitely increase new linkages.

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