5 interesting ways to use landing page videos

5 interesting ways to use landing page videos

The right explainer video can launch your startup from obscurity to stardom in under 60 seconds, but don’t think that you can just slap your video on your homepage and call it a day.

Online video is one of the most versatile sales and marketing tools in your arsenal. You can use an explainer video as a tool to build brand awareness, as a pitching resource for your sales team, as a way to increase clicks to your company email, or even for live events and conventions. However, the number one reason to make an animated explainer video is of course for your company website.

There are different types of explainer videos for all kinds of marketing goals, and each goal needs a different kind of landing page. Luckily, thanks to sites like WordPress and Squarespace, you can make a landing page for each one of these kinds of videos.

Best Landing Page Video: Individual Product Features

Sometimes your product or service is too complicated for one 60 second explainer video to do it justice. We get it. When your video needs grow past the boundaries of a single video, it’s time for your video to splinter into several short helpful videos that show existing users (and potential users) exactly how to use your groundbreaking product or service (and why they should use it if they’re not already a paying customer).

Landing Page Video: Seasonal Campaigns

Landing pages are great for promoting seasonal or temporary campaigns. You can target a specific keyword strategy, create an explainer video for your time-sensitive product, and drive traffic to the site with simple CTAs that increase conversions. What’s even better is that single-use seasonal landing pages provide excellent metrics for tracking the success of your campaign.

Landing Page Video: Education

Landing page video is great at focusing on a single topic. Case in point: the whiteboard animation we created for Novo Nordisk to explain the pathophysiology of diabetes. This specific (and complicated) topic demands its own separate landing page, especially when the objective is educating healthcare professionals on this specific topic.

Keep it Above the Fold

“Above the fold” is a design term that basically means when something is visible on your computer screen before you scroll. There’s no point making a landing page video if you bury it beneath paragraphs of text. People clicked your link to get a quick look at whatever you’re selling, so show it to them. You landing page video is the both the welcome and the closer for your product or event.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Nothing bogs a landing page video down like a long-winded message. “Lack of clarity can destroy your conversions, since most people are prone to not make a decision if given too many options,” points out Eric Hinson from Kissmetrics.

This landing page video is not about your company or product as a whole. Focus on one thing—one single thing—that your viewers want to see or learn or do, and make the video about that. Keep your video under a minute if you can, and certainly under two minutes. Anything longer than that is not a landing page video.

Creating standalone landing page videos for your unique products or time sensitive services is a great way to track and increase conversions through targeted CTAs and focused content. People appreciate the value of videos dedicated to a single goal, and honestly, they’re easier to make and more effective in the long run than general purpose video. Take your video marketing by the horns and create your own landing page video today.

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