15 Video Transition For Animated Video ( And Why they matter)

15 Video Transition For Animated Video ( And Why they matter)

Shot to shot transitions in a video, are the real game changers, so far as impact of a video is concerned. This is more important in case of animated explainer videos.

Who does not want to make his explainer video compelling, engaging and captivating? This is vital for every business in order to increase traffic and conversion rate. We are going to discuss 15 very important transitions to keep views glued to your videos.

  1. Diegetic transition:

A diegetic transition depicts characters that are on the move in a shot are suddenly replaced by another characters. This seamless transition is often from a different angle. A sudden jump from live action to animation can be convincingly shown on screen through this transition.

  1. Cut Transition:

In this transition, two different shots are placed side by side. A cross cut depicts characters moving back and forth between two locations. These cuts depict moving from one time to another and this travelling through time is used effectively to tell stories in whatever time frame the film maker likes.

  1. Jump cuts:

These are traditional cuts but two non linear things are placed side by side in this transition and purpose is same as of simple cut transition. I.e. travel in time.

  1. Dissolve:

This transition depicts that one shot is gradually fading while another is replacing it simultaneously. One should not use these transitions in animated videos too frequently as these are a little bit sluggish in effect.

  1. Fade

It is like dissolve with the difference that nothing gets dissolved. Fading a shot to black or white was very common in old films. These should also not be used too frequently otherwise viewers will be frustrated.

  1. Wipe:

In this transition a shot is replaced by other in many frames. In animated videos regarding products, this transition can be used effectively, where scenes are set for many thoughts different from others.

  1. Matching Scene transition:

These are effectively used to convey the difference having a large gap .i.e. showing day and night in one shot without changing the camera.

  1. Matching shot pivot:

In this type of matching shot camera does not move but point of view gets pivoted as a shot is replaced by another without changing the frame. It is quite similar to wipe.

  1. No transition at all:

Sometimes transitions are so subtle, that it appears there are no transitions at all. This lack of transitions, make videos a fun thing to watch and its use in animated videos is quite popular because it always have an element of anticipation that anything can happen next.

  1. Flash FX splash transition:

These transitions create after effect giving effect like liquid while scenes are cut. These catch viewer’s attention very effectively and can enhance value of animated videos.

  1. Distortion Zoom transitions:

The after effect of these transitions actually appears to pull a viewer into the scene. Each scene creates a sense of viewer being transported to next scene of video.

  1. Colorama transitions:

These transitions are very useful when two scenes and shots have to be cut seamlessly. Actually splash of colors is used to cut two shots making it a thing to watch.

  1. Transition 365:

This transition utilizes geometrical patters to cut two shots. Every video maker with a limited budget can apply this transition to upgrade value.

  1. Glitch transition:

All those videos, whose narrative is futuristic, need this transition which is sci-fi.

  1. Ink transition:

The brushing and painting techniques are utilized for creating these inky transitions which are very good for animated videos in cutting scenes.

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