10 Things that Make Social Media Landing pages Great

10 Things that Make Social Media Landing pages Great

Landing page is where people land on a website to get the necessary information. Social media landing pages are a bit changed and so are their managing styles.
Social media is no more used only for communicating and connecting with your family and friends. It has now been widely used for business purposes like promoting products, services and connecting with a large number of customers directly.

Customers follow brands and products on social platforms and discusses about their experiences publically. Marketers are well aware of it so almost all of them have moved to social platforms. But not all of them get the exact response as expected. Why? Because they do not care for the small but most important things such as landing pages. A landing page plays a vital role in conversions of a business. Social media landing pages are a bit changed from a normal landing page as they are specifically meant to address social media audience. They help to provide email sign ups, redirect your audience to special offers and deals on the website, and expand your reach.

This articles discusses some of the points that should be avoid while creating your social media landing page to make it more effective.

  1. The target audience is ignored most of the time. Website owners design posts and landing pages according to their perspective. But they should keep in mind what the audience want to see, or what do they need.
  2. Sharing only links can not provide you more customers or visitors. You should accompany your link with something visual. An image could do better instead of writing long texts.
  3. Font style, colours, and images used on your social media landing pages should be captivating and appealing. So that people do not get bored or confused at any point.
  4. Landing pages should not contain a lot of content. Like too many images or long descriptions would annoy the user and he would leave soon. Original pictures with only necessary details are appreciated by the users.
  5. Avoid moving away from your brand because your customers want to know more about your brand and what products or services do you add to the list. Instead of using other brands for comparisons or whatever on your landing page, it should contain details only about your brand.
  1. Landing page should have only one specific and big offer at a time so that the focus of remains on it. If you add too many offers on your landing page, users will get confuse and would find it harder to decide which one to avail
  2. Being a marketer, your expectations should be limited to the reality. You can expect higher but be realistic in your offers and deals. Only the time decides what is going to be viral, and which idea the customer would like the most. It will help you focusing your real audience, how to convince them to buy your products and satisfy them to be your regular customers.
  3. Videos are perfect for describing a complex idea in a light and pretty manner. But try to avoid long videos. Short animated videos can do better.
  4. Your landing page should be mobile-friendly because most of the people use mobile phones. Optimize your landing pages to fit any screen.
  5. Customers’ reviews about a product or brand is what that builds trust of the new customers. The personal experience of previous buyers would let other know what strengths and weaknesses your products have and what improvements have been made.

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