10 best word press CDN services that will make your site super-fast

10 best word press CDN services that will make your site super-fast

The most important feature of the Word press site is speed.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) involves technology involving optimal performance and for it to become super-fast it requires the following press CDN services.

  1. Cloud flare

Cloud flare is a popular platform which has some biggest brands because they have high level of security. This platform has many centres roughly 20 data centres which utilize image and mobile optimization. More efficiently, the CDN works bests in a world where cyber criminals are rampant looking for targets.

  1. CDN77

This is a system which is popularly distributed with content using various images. Approximately, it uses 30 points of presence around the world which provides incredible global coverage.  Video developers appreciate how this system supports the protocols on the desktop or through the apps in the mobile phone. This means that this platform provides the best network the entire world to incorporate best services to the viewers.

  1. Sucuri

This system shares the content through the servers and also protects one from variety of attacks of hackers. Sucuri provides a malware prevention gear for the malware removal of the requests considering the targets of the hackers. Therefore, the aspect is attractive to most viewers s many people will like to secure their documents and information safely without any interference. Additionally, the Sucuri system provides an automatic back up which is worth for those people who need to organize their properties safely.

  1. Stack path

This is a system which is more stable for those clients with more than one website. The system helps in sending data across the world and also securing information which is readily available. This is because, the system has two-step authentication which deters the hackers away from reaching the information.

  1. Incapsula

Incapsula entails the users to access to custom policies when dealing with matters of bot protection and security.  Users are able to access the content while covering the site from others. In addition, the Incapsula provides two-factor authentication from the online resources and others from the admin areas thus blocking the hackers from invading the information.

  1. Google cloud CDN

This system provides the integration of one’s domain to be free with the CDN account because they are highly protected. In most of the times the cloud CDN provides load balancing in order to keep the sites active for long period. Henceforth, the load balancing makes the website a virtual absolute.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides recognizable windows operating system and software in business offices which eventually provides the clouds tools. This allows easy access of the delivery network and other features which are highly appreciated.

  1. Key CDN

This is network which is controlled by the SSD technologies in which all servers perfect the core developers. Additionally, this network supports the assortment of security features such as blocking bots and hotlink denial. Specifically this network supports the word press and other content management system which benefits many users.

  1. Jet pack

This is a tool which provides many modules of proof reading checker on the social media engagement. The major role involves delivering images and photos across its network to facilitate better website performance.

  1. Cloudinary

This is a management system which involves display of the video content as well as image engagement. Cloudinary has features which perfect the video streaming through the CDN by optimizing the content.

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